Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to common questions.
Who should join?
Anyone in the software monetization supply chain who believes your product or service provides real value and wants to do right by customers. memberships are available to software developers, vendors, payment facilitators, affiliate networks and ad networks.
Why join?
  1. You want to learn practical tips and recipes to maximize revenue while maintaining consumer respect and trust.
  2. You want to stay ahead of regulatory requirements that might impact your current ability to monetize your digital services and products.
  3. You want to advocate for your needs as a digital service/product provider.
  4. You want to participate in a community of peers with the same goals.
What do members receive?
See our Member Benefits page.

Early access to webinars and content that can impact your ability to monetize your digital software and services.


Does dispute security flags on behalf of members?
No. CleanApps will represent our members’ needs to regulators, including security vendors. For example, members will benefit from learning how to best resolve security flags when they occur.
Does offer certification?
No. aims to educate our community on best practices.  Certification is provided by other organizations whom we work with.
Does create any policies or regulations?
No. does not create new guidelines or requirements.

Our position is that there is no shortage of requirements and regulations to keep track of. Our aim is to provide clarity and educate our members on how to comply.

How much does Membership cost?
Your membership and all its benefits are currently set at $100 USD/month.
How are membership fees used?
As per the requirements of a non-profit, all fees will be used to further the charter set out in our by-laws and approved by our member-elected board.
Is there a minimum enrollment term?
Not at this time.  Members can cancel anytime.