App Success Strategies


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March 20th-21st, 2023

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This event series is for all app makers and promoters.

Successful apps take work.  Not just creating the app itself but figuring out how it will make money, what app stores to publish to, how the app will generate revenue, where to promote the app, what partnerships and affiliate relationships make sense, and how to support the customers that acquire the app.

Adding to that work are the various app store policies, internet gatekeepers, and government privacy regulations that must be taken into account both before and after your apps launch.

Google, Microsoft, Bing, Facebook, and even the security industry are keen to protect their customers imposing rules and  policies that affect how you advertise and promote apps for their platforms.  Even the payment industry is changing how you can take payments, offer free trials, and rebill customers. 

Our annual summit is one of the best times to catch up on these and other aspects of successful app and business strategies.

Seats are limited!

Introductory Remarks

Where App Makers Come to Succeed and Stay Successful

Details:  CleanApps is embarking on its 5th year and will be announcing some exciting new focus, approach, and value to its members. this talk will review the progress we’ve made so far, introduce new partnerships, and greater value, for qualifying CleanApps members.  


Bogdan Odulinski, Board President, CleanApps.Org



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Beyond Google and Bing

Alternative Ad Formats and Ad Networks


This talk will about alternative ad formats available on other ad networks and will explore how app promoters can best leverage those ad formats while creating a positive customer journey and staying ROI positive.

Alternative ad formats explored will include push, pop-under, and others.




Seats are limited!

Pay-Per-Install Guidance for 2023

Pay-Per-Install New Enforcement Update


Beginning April, 2023, the pay-per-install distribution channel will be subject to new enforcement related to major changes affect ing the way that apps are promoted using this method.  This session will supplement our dedicated February 9th, 2023 session on this topic with more data and examples of successful strategies for committed-workflow (eg. install-based) app promotions.  Learn how PPI works, the customer experience consequences, what to expect under new compliance rules tarting in a few months, and how to be successful with example flows. As always, the session will be interactive taking questions from the audience.


Dennis Batchelder, CEO AppEsteem

Bogdan Odulinski, Asurvio



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Customer Service Strategies for Apps

Improving NPS, LTV, and Revenue with Customer Service

Details:  Customer reviews, and customer service delivered by call centers and chat all play a critical role for many app businesses.  Offering ‘tier 1’ customer service and/or ‘tier 2’ tech support are key elements that can drive improved customer experience furthering an app’s brand, adding revenue or just paying for itself while mitigating negative reviews.  This panel will include short presentations by panelists covering the different strategies, compliance requirements, market constraints, limitations, and derived benefits of using different customer service strategies to add value to app customers.


Bogdan Odulinski, VP Product and Strategy for Asurvio, LP

Others TBD


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App Affiliate Program Management

for 2023 and Beyond 

Affiliate Monitoring: Protecting Your App’s Brand and Reputation

Details:  The affiliate channel often represents a significant source of revenue for app makers.   It also traditionally represents a blind-spot for app makers as there is effectively little visibility into the customer journey driven by affiliates.  In this talk, we will show the many ways that some affiliate strategies use to that can negatively impact app reputation, revenue, SEO, and advertising yield, while putting an apps’ reputation and very existence at risk.  We will then show how other app makers and brands find and stop this behavior in an effective and ROI positive manner.

Speakers: TBD


Seats are limited!

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