Sunday, January 26, 2020

9am – 6pm

The Linq Hotel, Las Vegas

Social Room B

(Find the hotel registration/check-in desk. 
From there you will see escalators going up.  Take those. 
Social Room B is on the right a few yards down.)


Open to all confirmed RSVPs.

If you are in a business that makes money from apps, you don’t want to miss this event.  In case you haven’t noticed, the internet is no longer the unregulated wild-west it once was. 

Google, Microsoft, Bing, Facebook, and even the security industry have been enforcing both old and new policies that affect how you advertise and promote apps.  Not to mention how your apps should behave.  Even the payment industry is changing how you can take payments, offer free trials, and communicate your charges. 

Our Vegas event is the best place to catch up on these and other aspects that will affect your product roadmaps and business strategies.


8:45AM – 9:55AM

Breakfast Social

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10:00 AM

Introductory Remarks

Details: Welcome message from CleanApps.Org’s Executive Director

Speakers: Lou DaRe


Section 230 Update

Details: Section 230 has seen more and more political and press coverage of late for a variety of reasons.  Most relevant to app makers was the recent landmark decision regarding Enigma vs. MalwareBytes in the 9th Circuit finally spelling out and confirming Section 230 does not cover unlawful anti-competitive behavior.  Terry Budd will provide an insider app maker perspective (ie. Enigma) on this case based on his experiences prosecuting the case as well as insights into possible implications for future app makers.

Speakers: Terry Budd, ESQ – Counsel to Enigma Soft Limited


Best Practices: Compliance Monitoring & FP Remediation

Details: A False Positive happens when an AV falsely determines that an app is bad and should be removed. False Positive detections from security software are more than an inconvenience to app vendors.  They effectively erode brand and consumer perception and represent a high opportunity cost as such detections do not differentiate between paying customers or free trials both of which cost a lot of money to acquire.  We’ll be discussing different strategies and tools to manage risk and reduce costs.

Speakers: Peter Stelzhammer – co-founder of AV-Comparatives, (others TBD)


Call Centers and Business Process Outsourcing

Details: Call centers play a critical role for many app businesses.  Offering ‘tier 1’ customer service and/or ‘tier 2’ tech support are key elements that can drive improved customer satisfaction furthering an app’s brand, possibly adding revenue or just paying for itself.  This panel will include short presentations by panelists covering the different strategies, compliance requirements, market constraints, and derived benefits of using call centers to add value to app customers.

Speakers: Bogdan Odulinski – Product Strategy Driver Support,  Janus Nielsen – CEO Anytech 365, Sean Whiteley – President RealDefense


Case Study: Recognizing and Fixing Negative Brand Perception

Details: Sometimes an app makers best intentions are not enough.  This topic explores how one app maker recognized negative brand perceptions and what they have been doing to address the issues.

Speaker: Serge Sozniak, Chief Strategy Officer – Clario Tech


PR for App Makers

Details: App makers are always looking for ways to improve their brand.  PR is one of those ways.  This talk will explore what makes it work, what fails, and why its importat to any brand.

Speakers: Ed Zitron, EZPR


1:00 – 2:00 pm

Lunch Social

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Adding Value: With Consumer Protection

Details: App makers are always looking for ways to add value to their customers.  A tried and true category for added value comes from targeting consumers’ desire to be protected.  Protection can come in many forms including security, privacy, and other areas.  This panel will represent some of the leaders in their respective spaces and will discuss both the value aspect as well as the business partnership and compliance requirements of their respective approaches.

Panelists: Dennis Batchelder, John Todd – Executive Director of, Alvin Estevez – CEO of Enigmasoft Limited,  Sanjay Pradhan – Max Secure Software


US Privacy Laws – GDPR American Style 

Details:  Waves of privacy laws are crashing upon the US shores imposing GDPR-like privacy regulations on app developers and software companies from coast to coast.  This presentation will review the key provisions of the new Privacy Laws – such as just enacted in California – and offer tips on compliance strategies for app developers.   

Speakers/Panelists: Terry Budd, ESQ – Counsel to Enigma Software Group, Oshrit Aviv – Founder


Install Offers and Bundles: Are they ok?

Details:  App makers are often offered to either be carriers for other apps or to be offered in other apps’ installs.   Those with experience know that this is a potentially treacherous path from many perspectives: customer experience, brand, as well as security compliance are just a few of the risk factors.  Panelists will include key constituents representative of the bundle ecosystem including bundle facilitators, carriers, and security enforcers.

Panelists: Romain Larmet – Avanquest, Dennis Batcheleder – AppEsteem


AppEsteem Update

Details: AppEsteem will review the latest app compliance requirement updates from the perspective of the security industry.

Speakers:  Dennis Batchelder, CEO AppEsteem 


Subscriptions – Maximizing Customer Revenue and Retention

Details: Digital, subscription-based business is on the rise. So much so that most companies have the majority of their revenue coming from renewals rather than new business sales. And while there are a lot of moving parts in the subscription world, there are several elements that are proven to maximize customer revenue and retention. We will be discussing those key elements, including but not limited to subscription terms, revenue retention tools, customer communication, etc.

Speakers: Todd Garcia – Director of Client Success Management at Cleverbridge, Anthony Paliferro, Director – Strategic Accounts at Cleverbridge



7PM Post-Event Social

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Open invitation to attendees or those that can’t make the event

Chandelier Bar – Cosmopolitan Hotel

Looking forward to seeing everyone here.

We have grown the attendance by nearly 100% from last year.

Any questions?  Please contact our Executive Director, Louis Da Re, via his LinkedIn page.