App Success Strategies


Tue-Thu, March 23-25, 2021

8am – 10am (Pacific)

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This event is for anyone making money from apps.

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Successful apps take work.  Apart from creating the app itself, there are a myriad of factors to consider in publishing apps, marketing them, monetizing them, and supporting the customers that acquire them. 

Adding to that work are the various app store policies, internet gatekeepers, and government privacy regulations that must be taken into account both before and after your apps launch.

Google, Microsoft, Bing, Facebook, and even the security industry have been enforcing both old and new policies that affect how you advertise and promote apps.  Even the payment industry is changing how you can take payments, offer free trials, and rebill customers. 

Our annual summit is one of the best times to catch up on these and other aspects of successful app and business strategies.

App and Brand Management Day

Thursday, March 25th, 2021

8am- 10am PST

Affiliate Program Management – Protecting Your App’s Brand and Reputation

Details:  The affiliate channel often represents a significant source of revenue for app makers.   It also represents a blind-spot for app makers as there is little visibility into the customer journey driven by affiliates.  In this talk, Virus Positive will show the many ways that less reputable affiliates use to hijack your customer journeys and impact revenue, SEO, and advertising  yield, while putting an apps’ brands at risk.  VP will then show how other large brands find and stop this behavior in an effective and ROI positive manner.


Gaurav Sethi – CEO of Virus Positive

Abhishek Kumar – CTO of Virus Postive


Seats are limited!

Customer Success & Customer Service Day

Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

8am- 10am (PST)

Customer Service Strategies for Brand Building, Reputation Management, and Revenue

Details:  Customer service and support play a critical role in all successful app businesses.  Offering ‘tier 1’ customer service and/or ‘tier 2’ assisted support are key elements that drive improved customer satisfaction furthering an app’s brand, possibly adding revenue or just paying for itself.  This panel will include short presentations by panelists covering the different strategies, compliance requirements, market constraints, and derived benefits of using call centers to add value to app customers.

Speakers: Janus Nielsen – CEO Anytech365


Call Center Fraud Prevention

Details: In this talk will review top sources of fraud and chargebacks found in the past year and how app businesses can monitor, mitigate, and prevent this potentially devastating aspect of app monetization.

Speakers/Panelists: Sean Whiteley, President RealDefense

Seats are limited!

 Browser Apps and Going Global

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

8am – 10am PST

Getting Your Microsoft Edge Add-Ons Published

Details: Microsoft Edge Chromium’s release in 2020 has seen unprecedented and increasing adoption by providing consumers and app makers new choices to improve their browsing experiences.   This session continues Microsoft’s participation with the CleanApps.Org community providing the latest and upcoming changes affecting app makers that create and promote browser extensions.


Ashish Podar, Sr. Product Manager – Browser Experiences at Microsoft Edge

Nagachaitanya Lokam, Program Manager|Edge Add-ons |Community Building & Mgt


International Payments and Conversions – What it takes to go global

Details:  While the online market for apps has blossomed, brands that want to take advantage of the opportunity to expand e-commerce operations outside their home market must recognize that one size doesn’t fit all.  Going beyond localization and payment types,  this session will be cover key elements, including but not limited to new considerations in compliance required to build a sustainable international payment system.

Speakers: Christopher Kosel – Compliance Architect at Digital River 

Seats are limited!

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