If you have been in the business of promoting and selling apps for any amount of time (even those with a free trial), you know that Internet regulations, policies, and enforcement never stop changing. Here are a few recent examples that will be affecting app vendors:

  • Visa recently announced new requirements that affect subscription billing and ‘negative option’ disclosure practices.
  • Some advertising platforms and security vendors are interpreting previously understood free-trial requirements differently than expected.
  • New alternative app monetization disclosure requirements are being enforced in at least one browser extension marketplace. Extensions that monetize with search (for example) will have to be more obvious about this going throughout the acquisition funnel.

These recent changes in the payment processing, anti-virus, advertising, and app marketplace worlds mean that app vendors will have to adapt (yet again) to address the respective policy and enforcement updates, some of which are already being been observed by members of the CleanApps.org trade organization.

To get a summary of these latest updates, be sure to view our latest webinar from November 13th, 2019 when Dennis Batchelder from AppEsteem shared how their organization has aligned with these changes in the form of new app certification requirements. As always, member attendees shared reactios to the news as well as some of their best-practice adaptations, tests, and plans to address the above.

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