Summer Kickoff 

(First session presented by Microsoft)

Last Day Thursday, July 14th

8am – 10am (PST)

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Open to all.

Seats are limited!


Seats are limited!

Day 3

Seismic PPI Industry Change

Thursday, July 14th 8am- 9am PST

Pay-Per-Install New Policies and Enforcements


The pay-per-install distribution channel available to app makers for so many years, is undergoing some major changes that affect the way that apps are promoted in this venue.  Learn what they are, how to prepare, and what to expect.


Dennis Batchelder, CEO AppEsteem


Seats are limited!

New Value for Qualifying CleanApps Members

Details:  CleanApps is embarking on its 5th year and will be announcing some exciting new value to its members. We’ll introduce new partnerships, more focus, greater value, and special badges for qualifying CleanApps members.  Apps with poor reputations cannot succeed. To prevent failure, App makers must therefore have the right tools, partners,  and strategies in place to protect and manage their app’s reputation to get and stay successful in any marketplace.  App Reputation is not just about user reviews either.  It is about ecosystem partner reputation too.  This means staying on top of evolving app store policies, advertising policies, payment processing policies, and event government privacy regulations.  This talk will bring together experts to discuss upcoming changes affecting app makers and how to stay ahead of them with your apps.


Bogdan Odulinski, Board President, CleanApps.Org



Seats are limited!

Post-Event Socials

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Previous Sessions Below

If you missed these sessions and registered, we’ll be posting recordings and materials shortly.

Day 2

App Payments/Processing

Thursday, June 23rd 8am- 9am PST

Dark Patterns in App Monetization


A key component of app success lies in the purchase process. For aspiring and veteran app makers, optimizing the cart/checkout UX must take into account government, processor, and platform policies. A common theme gaining attention across these enforcement sources relates to Dark Patterns.

“Dark patterns” describes UX designs that manipulate users into taking action that they do not want to do, or they are not aware of doing. Regulators view these actions as notin the user’s best interest or at the consumer’s expense because they exploit customer psychology and can negate consent. Dark patterns run counter to the modern consumer protection goals of transparency and clarity. In sum, dark patterns make customers unhappy, eroding brand trust & loyalty, and put you, your revenue, and your app at risk with regulators.

In this presentation, Chris Kosel of Digital River will define and walk-through examples of the latest dark patterns gaining attention in the marketplace.


Chris Kosel – Digital River


Day 1 – Session 1

New Microsoft Store Opportunities

for 2022 and Beyond 

Thursday, June 16th 8am- 9am PST

Unlock the Next Wave of Developer Experiences with the Microsoft Store on Windows 


Microsoft believes Windows is the world’s platform for innovation. The Microsoft Store has been rebuilt from the ground up for developers: placing their success at its core and designing it to help run their business. 

Microsoft Store continues to be an open platform for developers to bring their desktop apps and games, using different types of frameworks, packaging technologies, and commerce platforms. Developers have the choice to use the Microsoft commerce platform or bring their own commerce platform in their app (games not applicable). 

 Join Jessica Sachs, senior program manager for Microsoft Store, and Elisabeth Apanda, product marketing manager for Windows, as they share how Microsoft is unlocking the next wave of experiences for developers. 

The presenters will be taking questions live after their presentation. 


Jessica Sachs, Senior program manager for Microsoft Store

Elisabeth Apanda, product marketing manager for Windows


This event series is for all app makers and promoters.

Successful apps take work.  Not just creating the app itself but figuring out how it will make money, what app stores to publish to, how the app will generate revenue, where to promote the app, what partnerships and affiliate relationships make sense, and how to support the customers that acquire the app.

Adding to that work are the various app store policies, internet gatekeepers, and government privacy regulations that must be taken into account both before and after your apps launch.

Google, Microsoft, Bing, Facebook, and even the security industry are keen to protect their customers imposing rules and  policies that affect how you advertise and promote apps for their platforms.  Even the payment industry is changing how you can take payments, offer free trials, and rebill customers. 

Our annual summit is one of the best times to catch up on these and other aspects of successful app and business strategies.