The Business Association for

App Makers and Marketers

The Business Association for

App Makers and Marketers

Our Mission helps app makers and promoters thrive in the digital economy. provides a community to help our members understand laws, regulations, and policies, and to promote best practices from click to sale. We are devoted to member success and fill in the blanks on the issues that matter most.


CleanApps Summit 2023

“Destination Location” – TBD

March 20-21, 2023

New Pay-per-Install Rules and Success Strategies

Learn how to improve app revenue with customer service for your app.

Learn how to promote you apps while building reputation with your customers and partners.


Advertising Compliance

If your ads or landing pages are not compliant, your campaigns will be shut down. teaches you how to prevent this.

Security Compliance

If your apps are not compliant, they will be removed by anti-virus companies. informs you on how to get and stay compliant.

Call Center Practice Compliance

   If your call center practices are not compliant, your business will be shut down. gives you access to compliant best practices.


We live and work in The New Era of Compliance.

Business success — even business survival — depends on compliance.

We are devoted to your success and help fill in the blanks on the issues that matter most:


Understanding Laws, Regulations

To successfully run an app business, you need to understand the applicable regulations and policies. European privacy regulations, US spam laws, FTC provisions, Google policies, AV flags, and Microsoft rules, and other regulations can all have a serious effect on your business. provides a community and tools to help members navigate this maze of rules and regulations.


Pointing You in the Right Direction

We provide information linking members to relevant policies and regulations, and when possible, to relevant people in those organizations.

Sharing Best Practices

We help highlight best practices and share good examples of how companies comply with different policies. We provide vehicles through which to point out good and bad examples of compliance.

Advocacy engages with stakeholders who influence industry regulations.  Our board is dedicated to establishing a productive dialogue with influencers during conception, design, and enforcement of regulatory changes, to achieve business success of our members, a fair app marketplace, and respect for consumers.


Where to Focus  informs memebers of new issues that affect our industry. We host monthly Webinars on relevant topics to keep our members informed. We provide a place for members to have discussions about these issues. Our newsletter and other content highlight new regulations and policies that keep everyone up to speed.


Recipes for Your Business

The community helps members better understand how policies and laws affect your business. The community does not provide professional legal advice (that’s what lawyers are for), but it provides a forum for marketers, business owners, and others to translate legal texts into plain English and to discuss and explain different policies and regulations.

Profitable Partnerships

By being part of, members gain access to businesses who care about compliance.  This creates an enormous opportunity for all: it opens doors to valuable partnerships with companies who value compliance. That won’t just help you sleep better at night – it will generate more profits and help your business prosper.