Code of Conduct

Members of, including our officers, directors and advisory board members, should act with respect toward each other and our organization, and encourage others to similarly act with respect, following’s policies and procedures and the law. Specifically, members should:

1. Act with respect toward others.

a. Do not engage in behaviour, or tolerate others engaging in behaviour, that includes any direct or indirect:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Generally abusive or disrespectful behaviour.

b. Act with respect toward current and former members.

c. Act with respect toward presenters; follow the presenter’s confidentiality requests and ground rules.

2. Act with respect toward

a. Understand and follow policies and procedures.

b. Respect’s confidentiality.

c. Respect’s resources, including tools and guidelines.

d. Do not speak or represent yourself on behalf of without specific authorization.

3. Act with respect toward the law.

a. Comply with applicable state, location and national legal requirements, including laws related to antitrust and anti-competitive behavior.