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Avoiding Google Ad and Extension Disapproval and

Understanding Their New Keyword Approach

July 29th, 2021 8am (Pacific)

Yes, Google Ads gets it wrong sometimes. So, what can you do about it? This CleanApps.Org presentation is part of a regular series of inside information that can help you rise above obstacles in the app market.

This webinar recording delves into two huge issues that plague many Google Ads accounts regularly – and show you how to navigate through them! Aaron Weiner, “Google Ads Whisperer”, from SoftwarePromotions, will divide this session into two sections:

  • Disapproved ads and extensions. Step-by-step approach on how to deal with it. (Note: you may have some disapprovals you are not even aware of.) We will be taking a deep dive into Google’s software principles and unwanted software policy.
  • Google’s new approach to keywords. Where it can go wrong, and why. Critical information that can improve your campaign structure and its effectiveness. Best practices to deal with this new approach – exactly what you need to know.

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