We’re thrilled to announce today that CleanApps.org has officially launched. A non-profit organization, we already have bylaws, membership agreement, Board of Directors, and a full-time executive director (for more about the team, see https://www.cleanapps.org/our-team/). And we have a stirring mission: helping responsible app makers (and related businesses) thrive, while ensuring a fair app marketplace where consumers are respected.

We’re confident that many great companies, developers, and promoters – small and large – will become members and prosper as we pursue our mission, and the internet will become a healthier place for everybody.

CleanApps.org fills a void in the software ecosystem. There’s currently no single, non-profit organization representing app makers committed to both the valuable products they create, and an internet where consumers are respected. Without that organization, it’s an open question as to whether there are enough incentives and benefits for clean and safe apps to thrive.

We plan to focus our energies in two complementary areas:

  1. We will help educate software vendors and related businesses who are unaware of what’s considered unwanted or harmful, and help them thrive by avoiding such behaviors. The overwhelming majority of businesses in this space are eager to comply with all relevant rules and regulations – they just struggle to keep track of what the rules are amidst what often seems like a maze of confusion. CleanApps.org will help solve this problem.
  2. We will advocate for the community’s needs by engaging with government, platform, certification, and security regulators. We will represent the responsible vendors’ perspective on the best way to ensure consumer respect and shape the creation, interpretation, and enforcement of new and existing rules and regulations. As it stands now, the app community is splintered. Individual companies have no common voice, so they are not (or barely) being heard at all.

United in one organization, we’re excited about what we can accomplish together. And we’re thrilled about doing what’s never been done before: devoting ourselves exclusively to the unique needs and interests of responsible app makers and related businesses, helping our members flourish, creating a fair app marketplace, and making the internet safer.