We have news to report from one of our members regarding what appears to be new enforcement focus on Bing advertising campaigns.

Based on what was shared by our member, Bing is taking steps to enforce against advertisers who may engage in potentially deceptive ad practices, relying on previously published policies that “the Bing Editorial Guidelines for User Safety prohibits advertisers from making false or misleading claims.”

What does this cover? According to Bing’s Misleading Content Policies, “Advertising that includes unproven claims or endorsements is not allowed,” and “Advertisers must not claim to provide a service that can only be provided by the actual owner of the products or service advertised. For example, a third party may not claim to be able to reset email passwords.”

Second, Bing appears to be taking new steps regarding false affiliation with Microsoft or other brands, referencing the Bing Misleading Content Policy which prohibits advertisers from making “false or misleading claims of affiliation.” What does this cover? According to Bing:

“Advertisers offering services or otherwise promoting a third-party product may not claim affiliation with the owner or manufacturer of the product when no such relationship exists.”

“Brands, logos, etc., may not be used deceptively, either in ad copy or website, in a way that tends to suggest that the site, product or service is owned, managed, promoted or endorsed by the owner of the product or service, unless a qualified relationship exists (parent-affiliate, certified partners, authorized resellers, etc.).”

“Certified partners and resellers must comply with the requirements of the certification program, including brand usage policies, and may not misuse their certification credentials for the purpose of misrepresenting affiliation or endorsement, or otherwise conveying legitimacy to their sites and offers for deceptive purposes.”

Additionally, the CleanApps.org member has noted that the Windows Compatible logos have been deprecated and should no longer be used by advertisers.  Based on previously published guidance, this applies to any use of Windows 10, 8, and 7 compatibility logos on landing pages.

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