We have an exciting webinar about the new Edge Chromium Store!

(See video at bottom of page)

Hear directly from the Microsoft Edge Chromium team!

 Learn the answers to these questions and more:

Are there high-level goals for the types of extensions Microsoft is hoping to see created and published? Or the types of extensions they don’t want to see?  Is there more of an Enterprise focus or is it consumer (or both)? Questions already asked by some of our members who already have Chrome Extensions:

    • What are the key differences in extension capabilities, behaviors, or APIs from Chrome’s or Firefox’s?  Current vs planned?
      • Extension capabilities: New tab, manifest declarations, APIs, etc
    • What is the process of submitting new extensions in the store?
      • Are there developer/company registration requirements that must be met?  A vetting process? Disclosure requirements? Permission behaviors? Porting?
    • Monetization Related
      • Can extensions be monetized? What methods? Eg. Traditional web payments, App store, search…
    • Policy Enforcement Management (for our more veteran members)
      • How are policy issues handled (like takedowns)? What’s the appeal process?
      • Will they support inline installs direct from landing pages (like Firefox), or force installs only via store pages (like Chrome)?
      • Are there unique Edge capabilities you wish extension vendors would use to help drive Edge installs?
      • SLAs for extension reviews/appeals?
This is a must watch webinar for anyone who is thinking of creating, publishing, or already managing extensions in Microsoft Edge Chromium extension store. As a CleanApps.org Supporter please invite any companies you know that would be interested and post it on LinkedIn, etc. Help make this our best webinar yet.