This post is about how you can make a direct impact on the future of of our business association so read on to learn about the upcoming CleanApps.Org Board Election!

CleanApps.Org has not slowed down despite Covid-19 and other headwinds. We continue to make progress, and are continuously adding new members, new financial supporters, and more value driving our success. Be sure to visit our Supporters page to see that we have retained all our supporters since the first year and have recently added Clario (MacKeeper) as well as Digital River. A true testament to the value we are providing to our community!

Our by-laws were constructed and designed to ensure the organization remains focused on serving our members’ success and to stay aligned with all members’ suggestions, feedback, and best practices.

As such, we hold regular board elections so that CleanApps.Org maintains a strong and engaged leadership that provides guidance in line with the values and goals that our members expect. It’s also one of the many ways we gather fresh, ideas, and insights.

In line with this, we are announcing our second CleanApps.Org Board Election that will take place within the next 30 days. There are 3 seats up for re-election this time around!

If you are interested but not a member, click here to join so our Executive Director, Lou DaRe, can get in touch with you.

Deadline to submit your name to run in this CleanApps.Org Board Election is Wednesday, June 17th, 2020!

Note that current members should have already received an email asking you to submit your name. Reach out to Lou if you have not received it.