The facts of life are unavoidable. Compliance regulations and advertising policies are intimately related to the success of your apps and your reputation in the marketplace. You invest a lot of money into research and development. You create strategic marketing plans and dedicated budgets. You want to reliably predict your revenue and rate of growth.

And yet, running afoul of the rules can get your app pulled from the market overnight. You lose not only the potential income you would have made; your app and your company can suffer reputational damage and lose customers. Compliance regulations and ad policies are not static. They are revised regularly. If your app is built to run on multiple platforms you need to know if and how these platform requirements differ.

Here’s a basic list of links that cover the majority of platforms you likely use. We suggest creating a spreadsheet with each platform on its own page and fill it with the policy points relevant to your app and the last date the policy was updated. Check monthly for revisions.

If you have a system for keeping up to date on compliance and advertising that works for you, we’d love to hear it. Please let us know. 


Amazon Ads Guidelines and Acceptance Policies

General policies | Amazon Advertising

Sponsored ads policies | Amazon Ads


Microsoft Open Store Policies

Microsoft Edge Browser Policy Documentation

Microsoft browser extension policy

Microsoft Edge Add-ons store developer policies

Policies and Guidelines – Microsoft Advertising


Google Advertising Policies

Developer Policy Center – Google Play

Chrome Developers

Note: Scroll down one line to “Extensions & Web Store” for best practices regarding Extensions, the Chrome Web Store, and Chrome Apps. Documentation goes into much more including  tools, libraries, architecture, and infrastructure. It’s a rich site.



LinkedIn Advertising Policies

LinkedIn Advertising Guidelines

LinkedIn Ads Agreement

How to Advertise on LinkedIn in 5 Simple Steps

The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Ads in 2022 – Hootsuite Blog



App Store Review Guidelines – Apple Developer

App Privacy Details – App Store – Apple Developer