The Financial Times recently published an Op-Ed by former U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury and Federal Reserve Board Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin. It argues that cross-industry work by organizations like,, and many cybersecurity companies to promote standards and foster a fair app marketplace is a boon for consumers and could potentially transform the internet.

Appearing in the February 20, 2019 digital edition (and the print edition the following day), the article discusses the development of consumer-friendly app standards, which AppEsteem conceived with input from across the industry, and which more cybersecurity companies and responsible app makers are now following. The result, according to Bloom Raskin: “the wild internet [is] tamer, responsible businesses thrive, and consumers are safer.”

The article closes by noting some additional advantages of this approach: it doesn’t rely on any single tech company to self-police and protect users, or an often too-slow legislative process, or on consumers to fend for themselves.

You can find a link to the Financial Times article via my LinkedIn post here , or at the Financial Times web site

We’re grateful to Governor Bloom Raskin for bringing attention to this subject. We also extend our thanks to the many members committed to a fair and prosperous app marketplace, and to the cybersecurity companies who are enforcing just and common standards. And special thanks to AppEsteem, for its leadership role in creating comprehensive, consumer-friendly standards in the first place, and for its continued work to rally cybersecurity companies and other app makers and related service providers behind them.