Presented by Dennis Batchelder, CEO AppEsteem

Thursday, November 18, 2021 10AM Pacific

Are you marketing a system utility app and offering free system scans and fixes? If so the AV Industry has updated new rules that directly affect your app. If you are NOT up to date on these changes, it could disrupt your business process.

Industry rules of acceptable app behavior for apps that fit into the category of  ‘system utility’ are once again evolving in an important way.  System utilities are apps that promise to improve performance, deliver updates, undelete files, or fix common issues.

Its no secret that apps in the system utility category have been under constant pressure by all ecosystem stakeholders for the past several years.  For example, on the advertising side, Bing and Google Ads policies both have strict ‘unwanted’ software policies constraining who and how such apps may be advertised as well as what behavior is considered unwanted from the top of the funnel all the way to what the app does post-install and post-purchase.

Also, the anti malware and anti virus vendors all have their own independent “Potentially Unwanted Software” (PUA) policies that describe behaviors worthy of a system utility app being removed by their protections.  Yet another source of pressure comes from payment processors such as Visa and Mastercard who have begun enforcing their ‘free trial’ billing rules.

With ever changing rules and coming from more and more entities its hard to for any app vendor to keep up.  This is webinar will cover the latest changes that have massive impact on this app category (and foreseeably others as well).

 This important presentation will be the most valuable 45 minutes you spend that day.

 This interactive webinar features Dennis Batchelder CEO and Founder of AppEsteem. Dennis is a recognized authority in the field of app certification and compliance consulting.



New Enforcements Affecting System Utility Apps

 Presented by Dennis Batchelder, CEO AppEsteem

Thursday, November 18, 2021 10AM Pacific




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