We heard you! And so now, more information is coming your way.

Announcing an Update Webinar from the Microsoft Edge Chromium Extension Team.

This is a great opportunity to get updated on the latest Microsoft changes and how it is can affect you and your business.

Due to popular demand, this webinar is made available to you M-F at 10AM Central. Just click on the link below to gain access.

In February we covered topics like:

  • What are the key differences in extension capabilities, behaviors, or APIs from Chrome’s or Firefox’s?  Current vs planned?
  • What is the process of submitting new extensions in the store?
  • Policy Enforcement Management

This month, we’ll talk about a more comprehensive report on what these means and how we can all benefit from it.

Furthermore, our presenter has prepared an exclusive list of topics to cover regarding this topic, including a run-down on what we should all prepare for it.

Go ahead and click on the button below for your exclusive access.