We are happy to provide access to the recording of this great webinar about the latest changes in the new Edge Chromium Store!

 Delivered directly by the Microsoft Edge Add-On team!



The following topics were covered December16, 2020

Here are the points that are going to be covered in the session:

  • Publishing an extension to Microsoft Edge Add-ons site is much easier now. The team will share the improvements made to the partner center since the last webinar.
  • Do’s and don’ts will be shared that publishers need to keep in mind while submitting an extension or updating it.
  • Detailed discussion of how to easily port your Chrome extensions to Microsoft Edge.
  • The team will also be sharing updates about the recent changes made to the Microsoft Edge Add-ons product details page including show-case screenshots and YouTube videos uploaded by developers.
  • The team will also share upcoming features for the store.
  • Key insights on promoting your extensions and getting your extensions featured in the various collections that are available on the store.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions around registration, extension submission and certification; and the roadmap for extensions.

Let’s get together and get more info while sharing new trends and insights!

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