Developing Extensions for the Microsoft Edge Addons catalog can put you in front of hundreds of millions of Edge users. If you want to get through the approval process quickly, you’ll need to build with the right attributes that follow Microsoft’s principles and policies. Apart from a faster approval process, doing so can greatly enhance the appeal of your Extensions and establish a great reputation for your brand.

Think Like Microsoft

Microsoft’s release of the new Chromium-based Edge early in 2020 represents a strategy to deliver to their customers not only greater speed, security and simplicity but a unique range of functionality and experience that resonates with the core Microsoft DNA.

Back in 2002, Internet Explorer owned an incredible 96% of the browser market. While it is nowhere near that figure today, no other browser has come close to capturing that much of the market since. Although there are more browsers on the market today, Microsoft has the strategic advantage of providing a browser built in to Windows 10 – automatically updated every six weeks. The new Chromium-based Edge is designed to create improved web compatibility and more unity for all web developers, which means there will be fewer reasons for Windows 10 users to migrate to another browser.

Microsoft is the largest software and programming company in the world by a considerable margin. The completely new version of Edge is garnering great reviews. TechRadar says it has turned “into one of the best browsers you can download today.” Microsoft Edge has an audience of nearly a billion and its reputation hinges on the efficacy of its products. Edge is their all-out effort to increase reputation and market share in the browser category.

Focus on the Experience

Microsoft expects developers’ Extensions to provide unique and distinct value for the public that compels them to download your Extensions from the Addon Catalogue. They make this very clear: “Your Extensions are crucial to the experience of hundreds of millions of users. We look forward to experiencing what you create and are thrilled to help deliver your Extensions to the world.” The key word here is experience. It’s easy to drive off into the weeds when building an app unless you are focused on the experience you will provide. To steer a straight course you have to ask some hard questions right from the start:

· What makes my Extension unique?

· Does it provide a function that can’t be obtained on another browser? If the function exists elsewhere, does my Extension elevate the experience?

· Who cares?

· Does my Extension serve a recognized need?

· How will my Extension improve the overall Edge browsing experience? Does it add to the positive character of this browser?

· How can I quickly and simply introduce my Extension to the public with words and a logo so that Edge users know exactly what it does and what they can expect?

Following Policies and Principles Creates Stable Growth

When your Extension is accepted, you enter a partnership of trust with Microsoft. That trust must be even stronger with the joint users because your Extension reflects directly back on Microsoft and its products. When you are admitted to the catalogue, Microsoft’s considerable reputation extends to you, but it’s a two way street.

There is absolutely zero tolerance for misleading users as to what your Extension does, who is offering it, or even the manner in which it is promoted. All forms of fraud, even down to “gaming” the ratings or reviews, will get you removed. If you are reading this, you likely have no intention of knowingly cheating the system or committing credit card fraud. But have you designed and trialed your Extension so that it doesn’t produce glitches that make it seem like you are being dishonest or failing to deliver the promised value? If you are relying on partners and affiliated to promote your extension, are you vetting and verifying their methods and promotions? Any violation of trust by you, the publisher of the extension, or your partners can get the extension immediately removed.

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